I’m home!

My surgeons kind of fell in love with me, so I scored all kinds of free stuff: delicious food (chicken liver is tasty), Revolution and a red-and-yellow striped mouse. Let me tell you, this mouse is super fun. Whenever I’m awake enough to play, there’s nothing better than batting at my mouse toy.

I’d love to play all day, but I can’t seem to keep my little eyes open. It’s been a rough few days and these meds they gave me are strong. I just keep zonking out.

My operation went really well. It took a while for things to get started because I was so dehydrated, but they pumped lots of fluids in me. The puncture wounds were cleaned out and stitched up, and a drain has been inserted into my wound. I have to deal with that icky thing until it’s removed on Friday.

My pelvis is still broken, but we’re hoping it’ll heal on its own. It looks like I’ll be on bed rest for a while, which is great in theory, but I sure am restless. I keep trying to pull myself up, which sure is frustrating. My hing legs just don’t work like they used to.

I’ve also learned that I’m about four weeks old and slightly underweight. Honestly, I think this is great news because now I get fed fancy canned food every few hours. I may lack mobility right now, but I sure don’t lack an appetite!

I’m going to go take yet another cat nap now, but I wanted to thank you all yet again. I have a long life ahead of me because of your generosity. Once I perk up a little bit, I’ll be sending all of you some thank-you mail.

4 Responses to “Home sweet home”
  1. Joy says:

    Awww, these photos are precious, thanks for posting! I think everyone will agree it was worth every dollar donated to help this sweetheart.

  2. Amanda says:

    Ditto Joy! so glad he’s home! :)

  3. misslieze says:

    awwww i’m so happy! Can’t wait to see this buddy in person :D

  4. Deb says:

    So happy Fiver is doing well!! I love his little nose! I love Pets Are People, Too! I’ll enjoy hearing all about Fiver for years to come from Jami and Jarrod!