My Story

My name is Fiver and I need your help. On June 13 at midnight I was found in a Grant Park backyard in Atlanta, Georgia. I’d been attacked by a dog and suffered serious injuries: deep puncture wounds, severe nerve damage and a broken pelvis. I couldn’t walk. I could barely drag my bleeding back legs.

Cody and Laura rushed me to the animal ER and discovered I was dehydrated and in a lot of pain. They paid for an IV and some pain medication, but they couldn’t afford my $1,300 surgery. They took me home and woke up on the hour to feed me, and in the morning, they began calling no-kill shelters. They called and e-mailed more than 20 shelters, but no one would take me. Many shelters suggested euthanizing me.

Then People Are Pets Too offered me a free consultation. Laura and Cody rushed me to the vet again, but the prognosis was the same: I needed surgery. Expensive surgery.

Friends and strangers alike offered to help pay for my surgery, so Laura and Cody scraped together their funds and paid the bill. Thanks to the generosity of 37 people (and my new parents), I had my surgery and am now in recovery. THANK YOU.

One Response to “My Story”
  1. jackie says:

    What an adorable Kitty! Major kudos to you guys for saving him. I would’ve done the same thing!

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