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The strangest thing happened tonight. I pooped and people cheered. I’m only four weeks old with limited life experience, but I don’t think this is typical human behavior.

I think the elation may have something to do with the fact that I haven’t gone #2 since I was found bleeding in a backyard Sunday night. The ER vet said she suspected I would be incontinent because of my extensive nerve damage, and the next vet said it was also likely.

I’ve been eating at every opportunity since Laura and Cody brought me home, but I had no desire to relieve myself. Cody and Laura Googled “how to make a kitten defecate,” asked fellow cat lovers for advice and did everything from wrap me in warm towels (to promote digestion) to wipe me with a warm wet washcloth (to imitate a mother cat’s tongue).

But today, Laura became incredibly worried โ€” she tends to do that โ€” and called my vet tech, Erica.

Erica said that if it weren’t nerve damage, I may be in too much pain because of my stitches, drain and broken pelvis and instructed Laura to bring me into the vet tomorrow if I still hadn’t gone. She also made a personal request: Call her at work if I went #2 by midnight. (I told you I won those guys over.)

A few hours later, Cody and Laura left me alone after I took my pain medicine and passed out, and when they looked back in 15 minutes later, they found that I’d crawled out of my bed and pooped in the bathtub. I’ve never heard such excitement!

Humans are weird. Here I am, one foot in my own poo, and they’re clapping like I did something impressive instead of something perfectly natural. Come on, people โ€” I just needed some privacy.

Anyway, Laura wiped my feet clean, gave me more delicious canned food and called Erica, who was also thrilled. All in all, it was a good night.

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