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Sorry it’s taken me a while to blog, you guys! Things have been kind of crazy here, but here’s what I’ve been up to.

Last weekend I wouldn’t stop licking my wounds and pulling at my stitches, so I had to go back to the vet and get my wounds cleaned — and get this stupid thing on my head. Yes, every time this horrible thing was put on, I made this exact face.

But I’m healing now and scabbing over now, so things are good. And I get my stitches out on Wednesday!

I eat a ridiculous amount, my new litter box is the best toy I’ve ever had (I make a HUGE mess), and I recently acquired a stylish Ikea kitten tent to sleep in.

I’m walking fairly well, but it’s not quite a normal kitten walk. Sometimes I drag my back left leg behind me, other times I’m able to move it OK but my toes curl underneath my paw. Mom says I need kitten physical therapy and tries to get my toes to stay flat…this is annoying. I’m fine doing my own thing.

I hope to have a video and some non-iPhone photos up soon, so stay tuned!

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