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The title of this post makes it sound like the incident was all fun and games, but believe me it wasn’t.

On Friday night Mom had a headache and decided to take a bubble bath. I was hanging out in the bathroom because the toilet fascinates me and because that’s where I store my hoard of toilet paper rolls.

(If you weren’t aware, toilet paper rolls are probably the greatest cat toy ever invented. I can chase them, put my legs through them, roll around on the floor with them โ€” all kinds of things! I’m sure they’re expensive toys, but Mom and Dad love me so I’ve amassed quite the collection.)

Anyway, Mom was in the bathtub with a book and I was curious about what was so interesting in there, so I jumped onto the side to see. It. was. fascinating.

There were bubbles everywhere! They swirled and bounced and I just had to have one. So I dove in.

As I’m sure you’ve realized, things didn’t go quite how I’d planned. There was water in there. Smelly perfumed water. And bubbles? It turns out that they’re not nearly as fun as they appear to be.

When my head bobbed out of the water, I emitted a sound I’d never heard before. I sound I didn’t even know I could make โ€” sort of a pathetic, cat-like squeal. I frantically splashed and scrambled trying to get myself out of this aquatic nightmare, but while it’s normally easy to leap out of the bathtub, there was something wrong this time. Mom tried to help me, but before she could get her hands around me I’d already figured out another escape plan. I crawled up her back. (Mom made a sound very similar to the one I’d just made.)

Once I’d reached dry land, I slipped and skidded across the tile floor before finding sanctuary behind the toilet. But then Mom dragged me out of there and started wiping me down because apparently the strawberry-scented SpongeBob bubble bath had turned my white fur slightly pink. On top of that humiliation, I then had my photo taken.

Luckily, I was quickly wrapped in towels and allowed to sleep it off. When I woke up, I thought it was surely just a bad dream โ€” then I caught a whiff of my strawberry-scented fur.

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